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Leafs did not ask Marner to lift his non-movement clause
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The more things go on, the more the possibility of Mitch Marner being traded grows.

We know that Toronto is likely to see a lot of changes this summer… And the forward’s name is in several rumours at the moment.

Will he be sacrificed by Brad Treliving in the coming months? The question deserves to be asked.

However, the Leafs haven’t made up their mind yet, if David Pagnotta’s words are anything to go by.

In a recent article, the informant stated that the Toronto organization has not yet asked the player to lift his non-movement clause…

But in Pagnotta’s eyes, it could still happen soon:

I still believe that a discussion will take place in the not-too-distant future, but for now, the Leafs aren’t there yet. – David Pagnotta

It should also be noted that in his article, Pagnotta specifies that Marner wishes to remain in Toronto and that he wants to be part of the Leafs organization for the long term.

It would make sense for Treliving to swap the right-hander…

Because Marner’s value on the market is enormous.

It makes sense: we’re talking about a guy who’s been producing at an excellent rate since his National League debut, and we’re talking about a guy who can lead his club offensively at any time because of his skills.

The only thing that might scare the various NHL GMs is the fact that Marner’s effort isn’t always there in the playoffs or in the big moments. He was roundly criticized for his club’s first-round elimination by the Bruins, and that, too, is to be expected.

After all, the player had one goal and two assists in seven games… And beyond the points, he was reluctant to stick his nose in traffic because he didn’t want to get hit.

Could this affect his value in the eyes of the GMs?

That’s another question. He may be excellent on the ice in the regular season… but too often, he seems to disappear in the playoffs, and therein lies the problem.

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