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Looks like Marner will return to Toronto
Credit: Getty Images
The Leafs have yet to make a decision regarding Mitch Marner.

Since the end of the season in Toronto, there has been talk of the possibility of him leaving via a transaction…

But the longer this goes on, the more logical it is to believe he’ll be back in Toronto.

Even if the Leafs’ strategy hasn’t worked for years with Marner, Matthews, Nylander and Tavares, the team’s management doesn’t seem ready to make the gut-wrenching choice that fans expect.

And even if, unlike Nylander and Matthews, Brad Treliving has never shared his desire to offer Mitch Marner a long-term contract… The chances of seeing the forward leave at this time seem to be rather slim, according to Mark Masters (TSN) :

You have to wonder what Brad Treliving’s plans are.

After all, it’s worth remembering that Marner will be in the last year of his contract in 24-25 and will be free as a bird next summer.

That said, the Leafs need to make a decision because they don’t have the luxury of losing Marner for nothing on the free agent market in the summer of 2025.

Brad Treliving must find a way to maximize the value of his forward, whether by trading him or keeping him in Toronto for the long term.

Because, at the end of the day, Mitch Marner is in the prime of his career at 27, and he’s having the best offensive seasons of his career.

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of this… regardless of what management decides in Toronto.

That said, will they choose to trade the principal interested party to seek reinforcement in other positions where depth is needed?

Or will we keep Marner and take advantage of his offensive qualities for the next few years?


– That’s why he’s so good, even as he ages. Alex Ovechkin should take notes…

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