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Daniel Sprong: A logical target for the Habs in Tony Marinaro’s eyes
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Today is July 9.

The good free agents who were available have already signed new contracts… So at the moment, the list of players still without a contract for next season is not exceptional.

It looks like this:


We agree that none of these players can play an important role for a team looking to go all the way…

On the other hand, there are guys who can help a rebuilding club like the Habs.

And when you look at the list of players still available, the only name that could possibly be attractive to some… is Daniel Sprong.

Should Kent Hughes try to lure him to town, given the Habs’ need for players who can score goals?

Tony Marinaro answered that question in the latest episode of his podcast, where he interviewed Eric Engels.

And Marinaro makes no bones about it: for him, Daniel Sprong is a logical target for the Habs.

Because Sprong would automatically improve the Habs’ attack:

If we look only at his offensive qualities, Daniel Sprong has an interesting profile.

We’re talking about a guy who scored 46 and 43 points in the last two seasons, and we’re talking about a player who can put the puck in the back of the net.

But when you think of Daniel Sprong… you also think of a player with obvious defensive shortcomings. You think of a guy who was on his 5th team last season since December 2018, and you agree that there are reasons for all this.

The risk isn’t huge. Sprong isn’t going to command a salary that would hurt the Habs, and if he had to offer him a contract, Kent Hughes would probably aim for a low-priced one-season deal.

That said, there’s no rush right now.

Kent Hughes still has time between now and the start of the season to improve his club via a deal (or two), and that’s what he’ll be concentrating on in the coming weeks.

If Sprong is still available at the end of August and the Habs GM hasn’t been able to make a move, maybe we can start talking about Daniel Sprong in Montreal to plug a hole in the top-6.

But I don’t see why Kent Hughes would rush to offer him a contract, even if Sprong is seen as the best goal scorer still available on the free agent market.


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