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The logical player to trade would be Nylander, not Marner
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The Leafs need to find a way to get things going in the playoffs.

The club has participated in the spring dance for the past eight seasons… But they’ve made it past the first round only once.

And that’s got to change.

To make it work, some think Brad Treliving needs to trade Mitch Marner.

The forward was criticized for his playoff performances last season, because he wasn’t always involved on the ice.

But Brian Burke thinks differently.

Burke, a former GM in Toronto, argues (Leafs Nation podcast) that the logical player to trade is not Mitch Marner… but William Nylander:

Brian Burke explains by saying that Mitch Marner is very important in the Toronto lineup because he’s good on the power play.

Marner – unlike Nylander – can be used for anything… And that’s why the former GM would trade the Swede for Marner.

That said, you have to wonder if Brad Treliving really feels like trading Nylander after offering him an eight-year contract (which began July 1) valued at $92 million.

It would be special to see the Leafs trade Nylander before he’s played a single game on his new contract… But in the NHL, no one is immune to surprises.

There are no quick fixes in the Queen City.

Brad Treliving has a choice to make, and he has a few options open to him if Auston Matthews is untouchable.

  1. Trade Marner
  2. Trade Nylander
  3. Trade Tavares (even if his value isn’t huge due to his contract)
  4. Keep the current group and try one last time to see if it can work
All this will be something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks, if not months.

But one thing’s for sure: if Treliving doesn’t make a move, there’s going to be hell to pay in Toronto.

And seeing how things have been going in the playoffs for the last eight years, that would be understandable.


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