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Sheldon Keefe and Peter DeBoer: a record in game #7 that changes everything
Credit: Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

When you watch the playoffs, you realize that no, the Montreal Canadiens don’t play in the same league as the powerhouses. Playoff hockey is something else.

In Dallas, Peter DeBoer proved it last night. He did a superb job of taking out the Golden Knights (his former club) and is undefeated in #7 career playoff games: 8-0. It’s a sure sign that he knows how to win.

And he knows how to drink.

The Habs couldn’t be in the Stars’ shoes, having beaten Vegas and going on to play Denver afterwards. But that’s precisely why Geoff Molson’s club is rebuilding: they want to be in a position, one day, where they’re not like the Toronto Maple Leafs and always lose in the first round.

The Habs want to win rounds and big games, like Dallas.

Again this weekend, the Maple Leafs obviously lost in the first round. It’s been the talk of the town, as many people are wondering what’s next for them.

Sheldon Keefe will meet the media today, along with his players. That’s three days before his bosses, and it looks like he’s in for a tough week as to whether or not he’ll be fired.

Sheldon Keefe may have pushed his club to a game #7, but the fact remains that if he were a little more like Peter DeBoer, he’d have a better chance of keeping his job.

Because, in reality, they’re not exactly on the same planet. Take a look at Keefe’s history in the playoffs:

  • 2020: lost in 5 (a 3-of-5 on the bubble) to the Blue Jackets
  • 2021: lost in 7 to the Canadiens
  • 2022: lost in 7 to the Lightning
  • 2024: lost in 7 to the Bruins

In the final four games of Keefe’s playoff career with the Maple Leafs, his players scored just three goals, averaging less than one per game. That’s not enough… and it proves that no, he’s no Peter DeBoer.

I don’t see a world in which Keefe(who seems destroyed right now) can keep his job after what’s happened. But the question is, what other changes will there be in Toronto?

Will Brendan Shanahan be out, too? Will Brad Treliving, who has been at the helm for a year, stay on? Will a new president be placed over his head? Will Keefe’s assistants (including Guy Boucher) be out? What about the core four? Is Mitch Marner the most likely to leave?

In short, it’s going to be an important summer in the Queen City.

In gusto

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