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Marc-André Grondin denies having been romantically involved with Chantal Machabée
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

In the last few days, Chantal Machabée has been the subject of some very exciting news: the Canadiens’ Vice-President of Hockey Communications has been honored by the National Assembly, receiving the Medal of Honor for her contributions to Quebec society.

Yesterday, she thanked all those who took the time to congratulate her on this (richly deserved) honour.

That said, in the last few hours, another story involving the former RDS journalist has been the talk of the town… and it involves Marc-André Grondin.

In fact, a decade ago, the actor and journalist were rumored to have had a romantic relationship. Grondin admits it himself: two people asked him in the same week if it was true.

However, in an interview with 7 Jours magazine, Grondin denied the rumor. In fact, he had never met her, so the rumor came as a surprise.

VedetteQuébec reported the news yesterday.

However, Grondin says he let the rumor live on because he found it entertaining.

I wonder if it would still be around in 2024…

In the end, Grondin found his flame (who was not Chantal Machabée), who is in a relationship with Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse.

That said, we now have confirmation that this rumour was never true.

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