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Eric Engels: With Guhle, the Jets would be (more) in the mix against the Avalanche
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Kaiden Guhle has never been known for his offensive talent.

He’s mostly seen as a reliable defenseman in all three zones of the rink…

And the good thing about him is that he shows up for every game. Guhle never takes time off, and it shows, game after game.

The Canadiens’ defenseman is only 22, but he’s already seen by many as a solid player because he’s responsible on the ice.

We’ve seen his importance in Martin St-Louis’ line-up this season…

And it forces Eric Engels (Sick Podcast) to believe that if Guhle were playing for the Jets, Winnipeg’s line-up wouldn’t be in such “trouble” against the Avalanche :

If the Jets had Kaiden Guhle (on Josh Morrissey’s right), they wouldn’t be so far behind in the series. – Eric Engels

Let’s not forget that the Jets are 3-1 behind in the series against Colorado… And that they’ve been rotten defensively since the start of the playoffs:

What you need to know is that Guhle’s name was high on the Jets’ list for the 2020 draft…

But Winnipeg management opted to go with Cole Perfetti, 10th overall in the draft.

The connection is easy to make because Perfetti was left out of the first four games of the Jets vs Avalanche series.

Rick Bowness (head coach) doesn’t trust his young player… And he’s mostly using his best players against the Colorado outfit.

The Jets are clearly deficient defensively, having allowed 22 goals in just four games against the Avalanche.

That’s where adding a defensive guy like Guhle could have helped, especially since Cole Perfetti isn’t even playing right now…

In gusto

– Phillip Danault is frustrated.

– Night and day, as the saying goes.

– To be continued…

– Frederik Andersen will be in net tonight against the Islanders.

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