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Poll: 59% of fans want the Habs to aim for the playoffs next year
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The Canadiens are rebuilding, and we’ve seen the progress they’ve made this season.

That said, the players are starting to believe in the playoffs… And so are the fans.

At least, we’ve noticed that fans are really looking forward to seeing the Montreal club take part in the spring dance before too long.

A poll was published on the TVA Sports website from April 17 to 30, and the question was simple enough.

“Next season, the Canadiens staff should…”

The two answer choices were:

  1. Aim for a playoff berth
  2. Continue rebuilding, even if it means missing the playoffs for the fourth year in a row.

4026 fans responded to the survey… And 59.02% of fans chose the answer to aim for the playoffs next year :

The Habs will have to work hard to make the playoffs next year, and the circumstances will have to be advantageous.

For example?

The club’s best players will have to find a way to stay healthy, the goalies will have to get the job done, the first line will have to keep producing… Otherwise, we can pretty much forget about it right now.

That’s a lot.

But above all, we have to think about the fact that the Habs’ division is likely to be very good again next year. The Habs are going to have to fight for their ticket to the spring dance, and it’s going to be very, very difficult.

We have to be realistic, after all.

That said, it’s easy to see why.

Following the playoffs when the Habs aren’t there seems to be a bore… and we’ve been saying it for three years now.

Will the trend (finally) change next season, to the delight of fans?

In gusts

– It takes.

Yikes .

– Can’t wait!

– Thomas Chabot should go under the knife (again).

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