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The Coyotes were behind on their hotel bills
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Ah, misery.

The more it goes on, the more we hear ridiculous stories coming out of Arizona.

And, of course, you’ll understand that it all has something to do with the cursed Coyotes.

The latest story is sick: we learn from Greg Wyshynski (ESPN) that the Coyotes were behind on their hotel bills while playing in the desert.

Yet the Coyotes tried to stay in lower-quality hotels… And what’s worse, sometimes they simply crossed out the total on the bill to pay a completely different amount :

Other sources reported that local businesses would approach the team to request payments, and they’d be offered a fraction of what was owed. The Coyotes would then attempt to negotiate what was actually owed. – Greg Wyshynski

It sounds like a joke… But it’s not:

In Greg Wyshynski’s article, we also read that Shane Doan has decided to leave the organization in 2023 due to a decision by Alex Meruelo Jr, Alex Meruelo’s son.

Doan wanted to become the club’s president of hockey operations after spending several years as chief development officer… But the owner’s son told him he was “not ready” for such a role.

You know, when you disown the best and greatest player in your own organization… #ToutCroche

The Coyotes got a fresh start, and that’s just fine.

Now, the organization will have to put all the negativity behind them (and there’s a lot of it) to focus on the future, because the fans in Salt Lake City don’t deserve to go through what the fans in Arizona went through.

Ah, and I hope the new management has a better way of looking at things… Because Alex Meruelo clearly didn’t have the head for running a hockey club.

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