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Surprise: Matvei Michkov could join the Flyers next season
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Oh, this news will make Canadiens fans jump.

And with good reason.

According to an article in TVA Sports, Matvei Michkov could be joining the Flyers next season. That’s right!

St Petersburg SKA president Alexander Medvedev revealed the information in an interview with a Russian media outlet.

Technically, Mishkov is under contract with SKA until the end of the 2025-2026 season… And that was one of the reasons holding back some teams in the 2023 draft.

What a surprise!

The Habs have decided to skip their turn at Michkov for a number of reasons, but I’m sure this news isn’t making Kent Hughes smile right now.

After all, few expected SKA to release him to come and play in North America, because we know how strict it is at that level in the KHL…

Obviously, it hasn’t happened yet. The news has not been confirmed, and there are no guarantees that Michkov will be coming to Philly next season.

However, to hear it from the SKA president… That’s different.

Matvei Michkov was on a roll this season while on loan with HC Sochi, collecting 41 points (19 goals) in 47 games. At 19, he had one of the best seasons in KHL history for a player his age… And he’s likely to be dominant next year if he’s still playing in Russia.

Imagine the scenario: the Habs play the Flyers at some point during the season… And Matvei Michkov plays his first NHL game before David Reinbacher, in a Flyers uniform.

He’d better not score three, or there’ll be trouble in Montreal.

In bursts

– I don’t like it. How about you?

– Good.

– Oui!

– Promising.

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