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William Nylander to Mitch Marner: “stop f*cking crying”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
As announced several weeks ago, the Maple Leafs will once again lose in the first round to the Boston Bruins.

I know, the series isn’t over, but seriously, after yesterday’s loss, do you honestly believe the Leafs can win three games in a row?

The way the Leafs played yesterday, it’s over, and as expected, the Leafs are “choking” once again, even though they seem to have an excellent club.

A heavy 3-1 loss last night at home has put the Leafs on the brink of the abyss in this series, as they now trail 3-1 in the series.

Toronto played a very bad game and paid the price.

Everyone is fed up with this kind of unacceptable performance, from the fans booing their team to the team’s star players.

In fact, after the Bruins’ third goal late in the second period, you could see the stars on the Maple Leafs’ bench really in a tizzy.

They were clearly very frustrated, and you can even see William Nylander saying to Mitch Marner:

“Stop f*ucking crying bro”.

It’s a very direct commentary on Leafs number 16, who has been severely criticized (with good reason) since the start of the playoffs for his lack of involvement and multiple bad plays.

Immediately afterwards, you can see Marner turn around and throw his two gloves on the floor, as he looks really, really frustrated.

The m*rde is completely pogné between the Leafs’ stars, even though Marner explained after the game that they don’t yell at each other because they don’t like each other.

I understand that emotional words like these can be sent out, but the fact remains that it’s clear the Leafs players are fed up and frustrated, even with each other.

The irony is that, after being picked on and criticized on social networks and on TV(by Paul Bissonnette, among others) between the second and third periods, Mitch Marner scored a magnificent goal that turned out to be the only dangerous scoring chance of the entire game.

Enough about Mitch Marner, who could very well be on his way out of Toronto this summer, let’s talk about Auston Matthews.

The Leafs’ best player, who scored 69 goals in the regular season, didn’t play in the third period. He never returned to the bench after returning to the dressing room at the end of the second period.

We learned after the game that doctors had decided to withdraw Matthews from the game due to an illness he has been battling for the past few days.

I don’t know about you, but I find it rather odd that the team’s best player should be withdrawn in a game as crucial as this one.

Come on, do you really think that Patrice Bergeron with his broken rib, or Matthew Tkachuk with his fractured sternum would have agreed to the doctors taking them out of the game?

I understand that we have to respect the opinion of the team doctors, but there’s something wrong in my head.

How can Matthews be pulled from such an important game for food poisoning?

He’s played two periods like that, surely he can play a third.

Anyway, let’s change the subject.

Let’s talk about Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe now.

Keefe said after the match that he couldn’t fault his players for their effort.

PARDON ???? Did I hear that right?

This has literally been the Leafs’ problem for I don’t know how many years, the lack of effort and intensity, especially in the playoffs.

How can Keefe say that, when his team has just played its worst game of the series?

Doesn’t he want to alienate his players?

I think it’s already too late, Mr. Keefe, especially after he said at the end of the season that the possible 70-goal plateau for Matthews was a distraction for the whole team, which explains the losses at the end of the season.

In short, Keefe is clearly on his way out of Toronto once again, and we shouldn’t be surprised to see him fired in the off-season, despite his two-year contract extension until 2026.

The status of Guy Boucher, the Leafs’ current assistant coach, will also be something to keep an eye on. He could very well be fired too.

Will he get a coaching job elsewhere in the NHL, even if he’s not an English-speaking Canadian?

The case of Brendan Shanahan is also questionable. The team president could be on his way out.

Honestly, it’s really messing up the Leafs once again, but this time, I really believe it’s the end of the Leafs as we currently know them.

This team will never win with this core, and I believe there will be big changes this summer.

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