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Claude Julien wants to return to the NHL
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Claude Julien was fired by the Canadiens in February 2021.

And since then, he has never returned behind the bench of an NHL team.

The former Habs coach worked with the Blues organization and also had a mentoring mandate in Switzerland, but nothing more. That said, he is now ready to take on a new challenge, as he seeks the chance to coach a National League team.

Julien openly told the Leafs Nation podcast that he feels up to the task, but that this wasn’t necessarily the case in recent years.

He had to rest to regain his energy, but now feels he can help an NHL club:

I’d be ready to come back under the right circumstances. I have no doubts about that. I feel full of energy again. When I watch certain games and teams, I tell myself I have the right answers. – Claude Julien

TVA Sports also wrote an article on the subject:

It’s funny… But Claude Julien says this while the Senators are looking for a coach for next season.

Hard to believe it’s a coincidence!

Julien’s name has been linked to that of the Sens a few times because he had a good relationship with Pierre Dorion.

On the other hand, he may be the perfect guy for the Sens because he’s well-known in Ottawa (he coached the Hull Olympiques in 96-97), he’s bilingual… And he’s got a dog.

We’re talking about a passionate coach who’s already won the Stanley Cup and who can make an impact in the room if the guys don’t play the way he wants them to.

That’s exactly what the Senators need… Because they’re young, they’re poorly coached and we’re seeing the results.

All this to say that I won’t fall off my chair if the Sens call up the former Tricolore pilot.

The fit is there, in any case.

In bursts

– Whew. Good question!

– Really?

– Can’t wait to see it.

– What’s going on?

– Go Shapo !

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