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Cayden Lindstrom wants to play in a Montreal-like environment
Credit: CSSHL
Cayden Lindstrom seems to really like the Montreal market.

Backin February, he said he loved the “craziness” of the fans in town

And with just over two months to go before the draft, he’s back at it again, saying he wants to play in an environment like Montreal.

As Marco D’Amico (Montreal Hockey Now) reported in an article, Lindstrom openly said he likes the possibility of being drafted by the Habs because he likes markets where there’s pressure to perform.

“It would be an honor,” he said of being selected by the Habs….

A phrase that will have many fans in Montreal salivating:

We agree that he wasn’t going to say he’d hate to be drafted by the Habs. Lindstrom needs to give himself the best chance of breaking into the top-5, and that’s not how it’s going to happen.

On the other hand, it shows he’s confident in himself, and that’s something that’s important to Montreal management.

Remember that the Habs drafted Juraj Slafkovsky with the very first pick because they saw in him a kid full of confidence (and talent), which is useful for the Montreal market because we know how intense it can be.

That said, Lindstrom likes big moments, he wants the cameras to follow him… He also has the same mentality as Jacob Fowler, in a way.

The Habs – if nothing changes after the lottery – will be talking again at No. 5 in the next draft, and there’s a good chance Lindstrom will still be available when the executives step up to the podium to announce their pick.

Kent Hughes has said he wants to add raw talent and size to his roster, and that’s exactly what Cayden Lindstrom (6’4′ and 215 pounds) can offer an NHL club.

But it’s mainly when I see the young man’s attitude that I think he could really interest Kent Hughes and his assistants…

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