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Numerical advantage: Kirby Dach will have more responsibilities this season
Earlier this week, my colleague Raph Simard reported on the fact that Kirby Dach had continued to work on his shooting this summer with the help of a personal trainer, shooting specialist, by the name of Tim Turk.

Turk actually said he was impressed with Dach and his ability to want to improve.

Naturally, CH fans were excited to hear that Dach was working hard to get even better this summer.

With what he showed last season, most CH fans are very excited to see Dach in his second season with the Tricolore.

Many believe he’ll reach a whole new level in his development, and that he’s likely to be one of the CH’s best players for many years to come.

As of the 2023-2024 season, we should see a Dach with even greater confidence in his abilities, but also a Dach with more responsibilities.

In the second part of Tim Turk’s interview with Montreal Hockey Now, Turk explains, among other things, that the plan for Dach is to give him a bigger role on the power play.

According to Turk, the CH’s No. 77 should touch the puck much more often on the five-man attack, in order to take some pressure off Nick Suzuki’s shoulders.

As we all know, the CH’s power play has been a huge weakness for several seasons now.

If there’s one thing that’s been consistent with the Tricolore over the past few years, it’s the ineffectiveness of the five-man attack.

Simply put, nothing works.

And when something does work, and the CH does get into the opposition’s zone, the vast majority of potential scoring opportunities come through the work of Nick Suzuki.

However, opposing teams are aware that Suzuki is the CH’s maestro and is looking to join his sidekick Cole Caufield.

So it’s a lot of pressure on Suzuki’s shoulders to practically single-handedly operate the power play.

That’s why, according to Tim Turk, the plan for 2023-2024 is to give Dach more responsibility, so that he controls the game more and has possession of the puck more often.

This will create more space and give his team-mates more time.

Dach has great vision and excellent hands, which will enable him to spot open spaces and his team-mates.

With Suzuki AND Dach now at the helm of the five-man attack, things will be more varied, and this may give the CH a better chance to perform on the power play.

It’s another great opportunity for Dach, and it remains to be seen whether he’ll be able to seize it.

Personally, I have a feeling he’ll seize everything he’s given next season.


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