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Samuel Montembeault: He is not currently negotiating with the CH
Samuel Montembeault is entering the final year of his contract.

The Quebec goaltender makes no secret of the fact. He’d like to initial a new agreement with Kent Hughes before the start of next season, but it may prove difficult.

It could be difficult, in fact, because at present, there are no negotiations between the goalie’s clan and that of the CH. This information was reported by Marc Antoine Godin, Radio-Canada’s new employee:

There’s a risk to all this.

As Godin explains, if Montembeault like the season in strength and in December he’s one of the National League’s elite goaltenders…

The Canadiens could be biting their fingers.

But the opposite is also true. Except that, if Montembeault is struggling in front of the net and did nothing to help his cause in December…

It’s the goalie who could be on the hook. That’s why the case is a little touch-and-go as of today.

Kent Hughes wants to pay him what he’s worth… But what is Samuel Montembeault’s real value?

Can we base the amount he’s worth over the next few years on a single season? Because in the end, it’s true that he exceeded expectations last season, and it’s true that he deserves the chance to start the campaign as the CH’s number-one goaltender.

Just because Kent Hughes will have room on his payroll next summer doesn’t mean he has to listen to the goalie’s demands and pay him a hefty sum to secure his services for a while.

I’m part of the group that really believes that Monty has what it takes to establish himself as a number one in Montreal, and I’m one of those who believe in him. But you also have to be realistic about what happens next.

Hughes will be no further ahead next summer if Montembeault’s (new) contract gets in the way. And as much as we love him in Montreal, Samuel Montembeault…

Maybe it’s just too early to evaluate him in the long term… And even in the short term. We simply have to see more.

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