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Flyers win Ivan Fedotov contract

Ivan Fedotov’s situation is quite special. For those who haven’t been following the story, here’s what happened.

In 2022-2023, the Russian goaltender signed a one-year entry-level contract with the Flyers, who drafted him years ago. However, he never made it back to Pennsylvania.

Why didn’t he? Because he provided false documents to the Russian authorities to avoid military service. He was detained for a year in Siberia.

Once released, the goaltender thought his one-year contract with the Flyers was over, and signed with CSKA in the KHL. The KHL agreed to formalize the deal, making it official for him.

But the Flyers ruled that, because the goalie had not been able to play his year, the goalie’s contract extended for another year, a matter of the club’s right to have him for another year, as planned.

Two clubs therefore claimed to have a valid contract with the goaltender, and the IIHF was involved to determine which contract was valid. The goalie said he would report to the right club.

But lo and behold, the IIHF agreed with the Flyers: their contract was valid for 2023-2024.

The goaltender had two weeks to rejoin the club or be released when the Flyers came calling. He didn’t do so, believing he was under contract for two years (2023-2025) in the KHL.

The result? He has been suspended for four months from all official national and international matches. The whole thing will begin on September 1, at the start of the KHL season, and end when 2023 becomes 2024.

CSKA, meanwhile, is banned from all international transfers from August 11, 2023 to August 10, 2024, i.e. for one year.

This means the goalkeeper can’t play for CSKA until 2024 rolls around. But when that time comes, will he have to go to Philadelphia to honour his agreement?

That’s hard to say.

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