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NHL Network: Shane Wright, a better prospect than David Reinbacher
Credit: Dec 6, 2022; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Kraken center Shane Wright (51) celebrates scoring his first NHL career goal against the Montreal Canadiens during the first period at Climate Pledge Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
Recent drafts have really allowed the various National Hockey League teams to fill their prospect banks.

Indeed, a number of top prospects are currently maturing within various NHL organizations.

Now more than ever, we can see that the future of certain teams currently in the lower echelons of the NHL is very promising, like the Columbus Blue Jackets for example.

Even teams like the New Jersey Devils are already among the NHL’s elite, and have an excellent bank of prospects.

As for the CH, there are also a number of very good prospects, but none of the first-rate likes of Adam Fantilli or Logan Cooley, even though everyone in Montreal adores Lane Hutson, who is clearly a steal of 2022.

Incidentally, NHL Network’s recent Top-50 Prospects in the NHL proves that the CH doesn’t have a top prospect, as the CH’s top prospect is 17th in David Reinbacher.

This is still a very good ranking and a fairly respectable/logical position for Reinbacher, who represents a reliable prospect who will certainly be a good NHL defenseman, but probably nothing more.

Reinbacher is therefore ranked as the seventh-best defenseman prospect in the entire NHL, and as the sixth-best prospect drafted in 2023.

Of course, the man who moves Reinbacher down one spot from his draft rank is none other than Matvei Michkov.

But we won’t reopen that debate, which we’ve already broached enough.

In short, Reinbacher’s position is quite correct, and it’s rather when we look at who’s in front that a certain question mark can be raised.

Looking at this list, NHL Network tells us that Shane Wright is a better prospect than David Reinbacher.

This may seem logical to some, but considering the rather difficult year he‘s had, we might have expected to see him lower.

Shane Wright still has great potential, but he’s not as high as we used to see in him.

Reinbacher is clearly a more reliable prospect who is likely to establish himself in an important role more easily than Wright.

In terms of potential, however, Wright has a higher one, even if the chances of him reaching it have greatly diminished.

It will therefore be interesting to follow the development of these two hopefuls.

Finally, looking at these rankings, the last thing one might wonder is where Juraj Slafkovsky would have been placed if he hadn’t played more than 25 NHL games.

With Logan Cooley at No. 6 and Simon Nemec at No. 7, it’s hard to imagine that Slaf would have been placed higher.

He would probably have rounded out the bottom of the top-10, if you ask me.

As everyone knows, this will be a very important season for Slaf’s development.

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