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Blackhawks owner (and president) dies suddenly at age 70
Sad news in the world of professional field hockey.

Last night, the Chicago Blackhawks announced that the team’s owner is no more.

William Rockwell Wirtz, nicknamed “Rocky”, passed away suddenly at the age of 70. The organization declined to provide further details.

He had been owner (and president) of the team since 2007.

As seen in the tweet above, the Canadiens wanted to send a message to the Wirtz family. The Sabres (among others) and the NHL also followed suit.

When events like these happen, we often see teams rallying together to offer some kind of support. Field hockey is beautiful… But it’s not the only thing in life either.

This is a fine example of that, and we saw it yesterday too, with all the players and organizations congratulating Patrice Bergeron on his fine, long professional career .

A lot has happened in Chicago since “Rocky” Wirtz became owner of the Hawks.

The Stanley Cup in 2010, in 2013, in 2015… But it’s above all the scandal surrounding the organization that has been the talk of the town in recent years.

But in Chicago, he will be best remembered for completely changing the face of the franchise and the city. Before he became owner in 2007, the Hawks hadn’t lifted the Stanley Cup since 1961, and the team had made the playoffs just once since 1998.

He was invested in the team’s success, and this helped Blackhawks fans rediscover their love for their team.

It’s worth mentioning.

In a gaggle

– It’s coming faster than you think.

– A tough loss for the Jays, who collapsed late in the game.

– They’re on fire, Capitales.

– I wish him success.

That’s it!

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