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Juraj Slafkovsky improved his lung capacity by 20% this summer
Over the past few days, Juraj Slafkovsky has been training in a rather different way. The Habs player has basically been using technology to improve his lung capacity.

Changing his breathing technique, among other things, will enable him to perform better on the ice. Field hockey has really changed since the days of the six-team NHL.

All this to say that the Slovak is sparing no effort in trying to improve. He’s ready to work on every little detail that could give him an edge over the others.

With the help of Michael Bretenar, a fitness trainer, Slaf has been working on his economy of movement, to ensure that every one of them is maximized on the ice when he plays.

I just hope Slaf doesn’t get too mixed up during games this fall. After all, if he’s always thinking about every little aspect of the game (and it hasn’t become instinctive), it might make him think a little too often.

But in reality, he seems to be adapting well to his new techniques. And journalist Nicolas Cloutier, who chatted to Michael Bretenar, learned that the 2022 top pick had increased his lung capacity by 20% this summer.

In fact, everything Slaf does with his fitness trainer seems to be evaluated and measured. As a result, he can measure his progress on several levels.

If he improves aspects such as his lung capacity, he’ll give himself a chance to be more effective on the rink and to repeat what he does well.

It’s all about the muscle’s ability to contract and release. We want Slafkovsky to be able to do everything 20 times, 30 times on the rink, but not at the expense of quality. – Michael Bretenar

Whether it’s with the help of a breathing mask or special glasses, Slafkovsky seems clearly ready to put in the effort to make giant strides next year.

Will he become the player he needs to be at age 19? Will it wait? I can’t wait to see.

In gusts

– All the better.

– He didn’t like not playing every game in the playoffs.

– What will they do?

– All the better.

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