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Therapist hired by CH made Rangers healthiest team last season

Just over a week ago, the Montreal Canadiens announced two new hires to the team’s sports medicine department.

These two hires filled the vacancies left by the dismissals of Graham Rynbend (head sports therapist) and Donald Balmforth (head physiotherapist).

With the nightmare season the Habs had just endured in terms of injuries, these were two dismissals we could have felt coming.

The CH had to deal with countless injuries throughout the season, without ever really knowing when the injured would return to play.

It was all a big mess, and it frustrated fans to no end.

The Sean Monahan and Joel Edmundson situations are perfect examples.

All this to say that these two new hires could be very beneficial to the CH going forward.

In fact, one of the two hires, Jim Ramsay, was head therapist for the New York Rangers for many years before leaving to join the CH.

What’s even more interesting about Ramsay is that, last season, he helped the Rangers become the least injured team in the entire NHL.

In fact, the Rangers are the team that has missed the fewest games due to injury in the 2022-2023 season.

The CH, on the other hand, was the most injured team last season, so they’ve got themselves an excellent therapist.

This kind of hiring may seem a bit trivial, but it was definitely necessary.

It could have a very important role to play in the future of the Habs.

With a healthy team, the Habs will be able to take a big step forward in terms of youth development.

Last season was more of a detriment than anything else, given that it was supposed to be one of development, but in the end, the majority of the organization’s best young players ended up on the bench.

In short, it will be really interesting to see if this change in medical staff will play a significant role in the team’s future.

Let’s hope so.

Nobody wants to relive the hell of the 2022-2023 season.

The CH will have many young players in its line-up, and fans and management want to see them develop by playing as many games as possible.

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