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Alex Newhook contract: announcement expected early next week
Ten days ago, the Canadiens acquired Alex Newhook from Colorado.

Since the transaction was announced… It’s been radio silence. Let’s not forget that the former Avalanche forward finds himself without a contract for next season. It’s the same situation as last year’s Kirby Dach, and we had to wait until September to see him agree to terms with the organization on a new pact.

But Newhook is part of Kent Hughes’ former agency, which is why I thought it would happen quickly. And it should, if Anthony Martineau’s comments are anything to go by.

The TVA Sports journalist tweeted that an announcement “should be made early next week” regarding his new contract, and that “only a few details remain to be ironed out” before the two parties complete the deal:

That’s it.

I don’t think we had anything to worry about, but seeing the file progress is good news for both the organization and the player.

After all, Newhook can rest easy once he signs his deal. He can then focus on getting ready for CH training camp, without having to worry too much about signing his next contract.

Now, it will be particularly interesting to see what the terms of his pact will be. The idea of seeing him earn more money than Dach has been discussed, and it’s worth noting that Eric Engels, for his part, sees Newhook landing a contract that could earn him between $3 and $4 million annually.

I don’t hate $3M per season for a quality young player / prospect like Alex Newhook. At $4M per season, I find it a bit steep considering he hasn’t proven anything yet in the NHL.

I’m especially anxious to see the length of the deal. Remember that Dach signed a 4-year contract in September 2022, and I’m expecting the same from Newhook.

To be continued, then, but the outcome may come sooner than we think.

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– Too bad.

– Nice.

– Nice move for the Lions.

– Marian Hossa is still in shape, obviously. Ayoye!

– She had a great career.

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