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Max Domi: a video of him saying he hates the Maple Leafs resurfaces

Max Domi will have some apologizing to do to his new fans. An old video of him has just resurfaced. It’s a Habs video in which he explains how much he hates the Maple Leafs.

It’s pretty funny, considering he recently agreed to terms on a one-season contract with Toronto.

Here’s the video in question.

“Let’s get this straight, I hate the Maple Leafs. I hate anything to do with the Toronto Maple Leafs.” – Max Domi

Okay, so it’s just an old video and he wanted to please Habs fans, but you have to admit it’s pretty funny! He’ll certainly have to explain himself to Toronto fans.

It’s only a matter of time before we see a new video in which he says he “hates the Canadiens”. Max Domi is a crowd favorite and knows what will please his team’s fans.

Domi even explained to the media that the atmosphere in Montreal is better than in Toronto.

No one can blame him for that, that’s a fact.

In fact, Domi probably joined the Maple Leafs because they’re a good team, but it was also an opportunity for him to come home.

Born in Winnipeg, Domi spent part of his childhood in Toronto, where his father Tie played from 1995 to 2006. In fact, Max was born about a month before his father was traded to the Maple Leafs. So he spent a good part of his childhood there.

Even if he joins the CH’s rivals, we wish Max Domi every success.

In gusto

– We can’t wait to see him in action.

– We love to hear this.

– That’s a good one.

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