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Alex Galchenyuk: a man claims to have “ended his career”.

Looking back on Alex Galchenyuk’s career, it’s hard not to see him as a wasted talent. After all, we’re talking about a former third overall pick in the 2012 draft who has already scored 30 NHL goals, but has been racking up Air Miles points since leaving Montreal.

It’s worth remembering, however, that he won’t be playing in Nashville, even though he was traded there this week: he only went the other way to free up a contract in Colorado following the arrival of Ryan Johansen.

Obviously, a lot has been said about his father’s involvement in his career and his tendency to be a bit too much at the party, but what’s surprising is to see that he seems to have regressed, particularly in terms of his skating stroke.

And now, potentially, there’s an explanation.

In the Les Bienveillants podcast, a man explains that he is at the root of the decline in the former Canadien’s career, having apparently given him fake power skating lessons.

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Basically, the man in question explains that he found himself at an NHL party in Montreal several years ago, and since he had to work for the league in order to get in, he made everyone believe he was a renowned power skating coach who had helped Jaromir Jagr in the past. People bought his story and he got in.

That said, he had no idea what he was talking about.

The problem was, he ran into Galchenyuk that night, and the next day, Chucky ‘s agent wired him $15,000 to teach the Canadiens’ forward a lesson. Since he needed the money, he decided to play along and sent some video clips of some of the league’s top skaters to give Galchenyuk some pointers.

However, the fake coach explains that, although Chucky seemed to be improving, he wasn’t: his skating was getting worse and worse, and this had repercussions on his game. Hence the man’s comment that he “ruined” Galchenyuk’s career.

In reality, it’s debatable whether this story has any basis in fact. After all, it’s a bit odd that no one has heard of this before, and the question arises as to whether there really were fake power skating lessons from a charlatan that ruined the former Tricolore forward’s skating stroke.

Maybe he’s just trying to get attention, too.

Nevertheless, the story is intriguing enough to make you wonder if there’s any truth to it. We’ll probably never know, but it’s still intriguing, isn’t it?

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