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Alex Newhook: further proof that Matvei Michkov shouldn’t come to Montreal

Yesterday, the Canadiens acquired Alex Newhook. The center forward is a good talent, but he’s small. He’s 5’10.

Of course, in today’s NHL, it’s possible to be successful despite being small. The Canadiens’ coach is the best proof of this.

But I don’t think a club can have too many small players.

I’m not of John Scott’s school of thought, which is that the Habs can’t win with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield. That said, I don’t think adding too many small players to the core is ideal.

Newhook should be an important player without being part of the club’s core per se. And at 190 pounds, he’s not necessarily the easiest player to pack in.

But if a top-9 includes Suzuki, Caufield and Newhook, that’s going to add weight somewhere. And clearly, all this could be a clue that the CH should draft a big player.

Even if the Habs say they like what Matvei Michkov had to say in the interview, Newhook’s arrival must mean the CH will be going in a different direction for the future.

It’s long been felt that the CH ultimately wants to look elsewhere. Rumours that the CH is tempted to move down in the draft are also pointing in that direction, we agree.

The more time passes, the more I get the feeling that Kent Hughes is going to rely on what he’s already said. Let’s not forget that he eventually wants a heavy, talented and fast team on the ice at the Bell Centre.

I’d be surprised if Ryan Leonard, Zach Benson or Michkov were the Canadiens’ choice.

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