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The Canadiens have made it clear: they can wait until 2024 for Pierre-Luc Dubois

In recent days, we’ve had the feeling that the Pierre-Luc Dubois file is more complex than it used to be. After all, the fact that he doesn’t want to leave the Jets in the lurch by forcing a deal in Montreal hurts the CH.

That doesn’t change the fact that many fans see him as a spoiled baby, but hey.

Aside from the price to be paid for the player himself, there’s obviously the fact that he’s under the Jets’ control that changes the game. After all, getting him out of Winnipeg could be expensive.

But why? Because several teams are in the running.

We know the Los Angeles Kings are. Publicly, they’re probably the Canadiens’ biggest rivals in the race, since we know they’ve got their noses in the game.

But as Darren Dreger reminds us in the Insider Trading segment, it’s not just the CH and the Kings in the race. Other clubs are also in the race, making his market a lively one.

Pierre LeBrun speaks of an “imposing” market for the Quebec center.

And that’s driving up the price. After all, if Kevin Cheveldayoff is able to create an overbid, it will be difficult for the Habs to give the Jets what they want: established players.

And since the Kings could give away Quinton Byfield, Gabe Villardi or Sean Durzi, it won’t be easy for the CH to match that without giving away Kirby Dach, which is a no-no. The result? The Quebecker may well slip through the club’s hands.

That said, whistleblower Darren Dreger added to his segment by mentioning something that suggests the deal could go on for another year if the Jets’ price doesn’t make Kent Hughes happy.

The Habs have set the record straight: there will be no extortion.

The club can wait, if need be, for when Pierre-Luc Dubois becomes an unrestricted free agent a year from now. – Darren Dreger.

It’s a scenario that’s often been raised in recent months, but was dismissed out of hand when we learned that Dubois wanted stability via a long-term contract right away.

Does this mean he could be traded somewhere without immediately signing a contract extension? Would the price be amended accordingly? I suppose so.

Would the Jets keep him, then? Probably not.

Does this explain why the Habs signed Sean Monahan to a one-year contract? If Dubois signs for a year, both will become UFAs at the same time, in a year and a bit.

I find it very hard to believe that Dubois, on the bangs of new developments in the file in recent weeks, could really sign for just one year if he’s not in Montreal.

That said, we know he really wants to play in Montreal… and when Darren Dreger talks, I listen.

In brief

– In a market where risk must be limited, does the CH see things this way?

– That’s good for Montreal.

– Ian Lapperière believes in the Flyers’ plan. [BPM Sports]

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– Of note.

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