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The Canadiens fire their head athletic therapist and head physiotherapist
Several factors ultimately led to the dismissal of Graham Rynbend (head sports therapist) and Donald Balmforth (head physiotherapist), who were reportedly shown the door by the Montreal Canadiens, according to Tony Marinaro on his Twitter account.

Long recoveries that don’t meet deadlines…

Injuries that are slow to heal…

Lack of transparency/accuracy with the media…

In the end, Rynbend and Balmforth paid for the injuries, it’s as simple as that. Le Journal de Montréal notes that the Habs have seen over 600 of their players miss games this year, after a record 730 the previous season. And with so much going on around this fact, it’s not surprising.

Without making too much public noise, according to, several journalists assigned to cover the Montreal Canadiens were highly dissatisfied with the Tricolore’s management of information regarding injuries. A number of situations were reported to have particularly stung the beat over the course of the year, leading to some unpleasant debates between the organization and the media.

That’s the journalistic aspect, which we’re very close to.

Now, there’s also the therapeutic aspect, quite simply.

It’s impossible, for the moment, to say whether there has been a lack of satisfaction within the organization, and more specifically among the players, in relation to the treatment of injuries. Suffice it to say that dismissal is rarely unjustified, and that Rynbend had been with the Habs for 25 years, 19 of them in his most recent position as head athletic therapist.

Balmforth, a former consulting physiotherapist, had been there for only two years.

According to our sources, a Quebecer from the North Shore is expected to be appointed shortly to oversee these matters. The organization should make the announcement relatively quickly.

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