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Carter Hart: Daniel Brière would like at least two first-round picks
The last few days have seen a major National Hockey League issue come to the fore.

I’m talking, of course, about 24-year-old Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Carter Hart.

Since the arrival of Daniel Brière as the Flyers’ general manager, the team has been heading for a change of direction.

The team has been underperforming for several years, and it’s time for that to change, with Brière seemingly ready to do what it takes to get the Flyers back on track.

In fact, the Flyers’ GM had said he was open to the idea of trading Hart.

And recently, rumours surrounding the future goaltender have gained momentum.

But why?

Well, first of all, it’s due to the deal that sent solid defenseman Ivan Provorov to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

This transaction has intensified the Flyers rumour mill, as we’ve learned that Hart could be the next to leave after Provorov.

Several teams are said to be very interested (and rightly so), but the price tag would be very high.

A source tells Sheng Peng, a journalist covering the San Jose Sharks, that Daniel Brière and the Flyers are asking for at least two first-round picks in return for Carter Hart.

In this article, we learn that the conversation about a possible Carter Hart deal begins when two first-round picks are mentioned, and doesn’t end there.

So it would take two first-round picks and some other items to get the 24-year-old goalie out of Philadelphia.

Glad to know Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens aren’t in the running.

If this price for Hart is indeed true, I think it’s huge for a goalie who hasn’t always lived up to expectations, far from it.

In five NHL seasons, Hart has only had one really solid season, and that was in 2019-2020. He posted a goals-against average of 2.42 and an efficiency percentage of .914.

In short, Hart has always had enormous potential, but he hasn’t yet shown he’s capable of reaching it.

Would joining a better team than the Flyers help Hart’s career?

To be continued.

Note that Hart will pocket just under $4 million ($3.979 million to be precise) next season before becoming a restricted free agent in the summer of 2024.

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