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The Habs haven’t spoken to Matvei Michkov yet, says Kent Hughes

Will the Habs draft Matvei Michkov if he’s still available at No. 5? That’s the 1,000-buck question.

In reality, we know that in terms of talent, the player may be better than everyone else. The Habs will still evaluate him, like everyone else, but we know he’s in a class of his own.

It’s the geopolitical aspect that’s different.

In a press conference this morning, Habs GM Kent Hughes said that the club had to do its homework on the young Russian prospect.

Note that the Habs haven’t seen the guy play the guy in real life this year. Not being able to make it to Russia (even for Nick Bobrov) is obviously a factor.

He’s been seen in the past, but not this year in person.

The more you listen to the GM talk, the less you feel he’s interested in drafting him. I’m not just saying that because he hasn’t talked to Mishkov yet (he will), but because of what it feels like.

The GM often sounds like he’s on his heels when talking about Mishkov.

We learn that the GM doesn’t want to say that Michkov’s three-year contract scares him, but he did point out that it’s possible to see a Russian sign another contract in Russia afterwards.

Sometimes that says a lot.

It’s clear that other players already have a better connection with the organization. We’re thinking in particular of Will Smith, whom Kent Hughes knows well.

The GM texted Smith’s parents to tell them about his growing maturity. Let’s just say it’s not the same relationship as with Michkov.

The GM also said he was happy to see Cole Caufield in town for eight years, and that Samuel Montembeault had done well at the World Championships in recent weeks.

He also confirms that the market is active.

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