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Rumour: Pierre-Luc Dubois traded before the draft
Last year, when the draft was in Montreal, Pierre-Luc Dubois was rumored to be on hand in the hope that a trade would allow him to be introduced to the crowd.

It didn’t happen.

But this year, it could very well be that the main interested party won’t have to wait quite so long to find out what’s going to happen next.

According to Raphaël Doucet of La Poche Bleue, it looks like the Dubois deal will be wrapped up by the 2023 draft, scheduled for 20 days from now. That’s what a well-placed source is whispering in his ear.

We know that the bib is the talk of the town these days. After all, the Jets player doesn’t want to get along with his club in the short or long term, and everything points to him leaving quickly.

The Jets also have a few players who could change address between now and the draft. Will Dubois be the first domino? The logical answer would be yes.

Now the question is: to where?

It’s not yet clear whether the Canadiens will have the opportunity to snatch him up this summer. After all, to do so, Kent Hughes will have to convince his Alberta counterpart to give him his player at the right price.

According to what Doucet reports, Dubois is starting to think more and more about his future and his family life. He doesn’t see himself raising his children in Winnipeg and he wants stability for what comes next.

Will he find it in Montreal? Obviously, we’ll have the answer by the draft. And until then, the rumour mill will be working its magic.

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