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Cole Caufield has no non-movement clause in his contract
Cole Caufield and the Montreal Canadiens have agreed on the terms of an eight-year contract. The Habs player will earn $7.85 million per season, $25,000 less than Nick Suzuki.

His contract expires at age 30, in 2031.

For the Habs, it’s a win. After all, the Habs scorer will earn a reasonable salary by NHL standards and the cap, which is sure to rise significantly between now and 2031.

CH fans are happy right now.

Kent Hughes managed to sign his marker quickly, and the file didn’t become a distraction. It also proves that the player really wanted to stay in town for the long term.

But there’s more.

When you look at the composition of the contract, you realize that in the first years of the contract, Caufield will earn more money than in recent seasons.

He’ll earn $9.975 million in the first three years, which leaves less money for the end.

Why is this important? Because if the Habs want to trade their player at the end of his contract, they’ll get less money per season. His cap hit will still be $7.85 million, but if a less wealthy club wants him in a few years, he’ll cost less.

The goal is not to trade him, but who knows what could happen? And at less than $6 million in real money, it’s a contract that was well negotiated by the CH GM, nicknamed Went Wughes for his W du jour.

What’s more, the player has no no-movement clause. In the last three years, he can refuse to be traded to fifteen, ten or five teams respectively, but he doesn’t have a full clause.

That’s another good deal.

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