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Salt Lake City would be the NHL’s best option for relocating the Coyotes
Gary Bettman must be tired of talking about the Arizona Coyotes situation every Day 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

It’s a great opportunity for the NHL to showcase its finest talent, its finalist markets, and announce some good news. The Commissioner will never get away with it, however, until it’s sorted out; as long as the Coyotes are in trouble, it will be the most interesting topic in the eyes of the media.

Yesterday, Bettman had to reiterate that the goal was still to keep the Coyotes in Arizona, something that hadn’t been said in the press release sent out by the league minutes after the Tempe citizens’ referendum.

He also had to explain why he was so patient with this market, explaining once again that it’s one of the biggest cities in North America.

Bill Daly confirmed, however, that Salt Lake City was a real candidate to host the club, should a move be considered. The League has heard directly from Ryan Smith’s group, owners of the Jazz in the NBA, who have expressed interest in hosting a field hockey team in the amphitheatre currently used by the basketball team.

Now, getting news directly from a specific group doesn’t really mean anything – François Legault and PKP can attest to that – but Pierre LeBrun believes it’s the NHL’s best option for a move, while Houston and Atlanta are more likely to be targeted for an expansion club.

Note that in the English-language media, which are on top of the situation, Quebec City is virtually never mentioned. No surprise, you may say, but it’s worth mentioning to temper expectations.

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