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Mike Hoffman and his wife will soon welcome their first child
Clearly, this is a time for good news within the Montreal Canadiens organization.

Yesterday, Josh Anderson’s girlfriend announced on Instagram that the couple were getting married, and today we learn that the arrival of the Hoffman family’s newborn “is imminent”.

His wife, Monika Hoffman, went to the hospital today to give birth shortly. This is Mike and Monika Hoffman’s first child… and it’s a girl!


Obviously, this is a great time for both CH players. They’re two relatively different situations, but they’re both ones that bring a smile to the face.

And they deserve to be shared.

The timing is good for Hoffman because the season won’t start again for a few months yet. Maybe he’ll have time to get used to the short nights ahead in the next few weeks, or even months…

Which may allow him to adjust in due course. After all, we know how tiring having a new baby can be, and perhaps it would have had an impact if the baby in question had “arrived” in the middle of the season.

Anyways. That’s not what’s important right now, we agree.

Once again, congratulations to the Hoffman couple on the imminent arrival of their new baby, and congratulations to Josh Anderson and his girlfriend, who will be able to celebrate their engagement.


– He’s one of a kind.

– I can’t wait for the final to start.

– Almost 10 years!

– Too bad.

– I’d be surprised too.

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