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Too early to worry about Cole Caufield’s contract

It’s too early to worry about Cole Caufield’s contract.

For several days now, there seems to be a certain amount of panic in town regarding the contract of the Canadiens’ star player. But why? That’s a very good question.

To me, it’s a simple question of managing expectations.

After all, when Cole Caufield was injured during the season, everyone thought that meant he couldn’t prove anything by the end of the season – and his contract.

Then, as we know, negotiations started early and there were rumours that he was potentially going to sign along the way. That didn’t happen.

From that point on, Caufield’s words and actions, which demonstrate that he is happy in Montreal and wants to stay, have sometimes been questioned by many. But why?

Because the contract was expected to be signed.

In this case, as I talked about on the Sick Podcast last week, I’m of the opinion that it’s still very, very early to start panicking about the marker.

Could negotiations turn sour? Yes, it’s a possibility. But I wouldn’t bet on it right now, as it’s still early in the process.

There’s still at least one third-round playoff game left, after all.

Caufield’s entry-level contract hasn’t expired yet. Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and Pat Brisson have several things to focus on at once, and there’s time.

That’s why, like Nick Suzuki, I’m not worried right now.

Don’t forget that if we’re still talking about a long-term contract, it can’t be negotiated by shouting scissors. You have to lay the foundations of the contract before negotiating every little clause.

If the contract isn’t signed a few weeks before camp, we’ll be asking questions. But in the meantime, enjoy the fine weather outside.

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