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Contract buyout: Mike Hoffman’s name is most wanted on Cap Friendly
The Canadiens are heading in the right direction. Right now, the club is eager to see which players will help the team get back on track, slowly but not quickly.

To make room for new players, there are solutions. There will be players who won’t have a new contract, and there are also players who will be traded by the GM.

But will there be any buy-outs?

I know this option is often raised by many fans, but in 2023, I don’t think it makes sense. Why mortgage the payroll in the medium and long term when the CH isn’t aiming for top honors in 2024?

Unless we need to make room quickly for a Pierre-Luc Dubois, for example, I don’t see the point of buying out a player.

But the fact remains that in order to make such comments, I did my research on Cap Friendly to check whether certain players didn’t have an ideal buyout format. Let’s face it: Mike Hoffman, because he’s a year away from autonomy, was part of my research.

Clearly, I’m not the only one to have thought about it, since according to Cap Friendly, which has an excellent contract buyout tool, Mike Hoffman’s name is the most popular across the NHL by the site’s users.

I’m not surprised.

What this shows is that fans want him gone. Not only is he not producing and unlikely to provide the leadership the club needs, but he’s taking the place of a youngster.

I don’t see him finishing his contract in Montreal, but I do see him being traded next February or March, when his contract is almost up.

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