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The Canadiens will soon win the Stanley Cup according to artificial intelligence

Whether or not you believe in the power of clairvoyants, whether or not you’re into fortune-telling, whether or not you’re a fan of horoscopes in the newspaper, whether or not you enjoy having your palm read, whatever the case, this article should pique your interest!

Personally, I’m far too rational to get involved. I tell myself that if someone could see into the future, no matter how they got there, they’d be so rich they wouldn’t know what to do with it by winning the lottery, winning daring sports bets or always picking the stocks that are going to soar on the stock market. But no, that kind of thing doesn’t happen in real life. But believe it or not, it’s just not for me.

On the other hand, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this kind of exercise. After all, every year, I make my season and series pools… which I forget to check after 2 weeks because my predictions have already taken the solid field. All this to say that I remain curious in case a new prediction should end up proving me wrong. That famous prediction may have arrived, and here it is: The Montreal Canadiens will win the Stanley Cup in 2029!

The Puck Empire gang on Instagram took on the exercise of asking an artificial intelligence to predict the Stanley Cup winners until 2030, and for us Canadiens fans, let’s just say we hope this AI got it right.

According to this machine, after more than 30 years of Canadian drought, the precious Lord Stanley’s trophy would return to the country 4 times in the next few years, which isn’t nothing to sneeze at!

In the wake of Kyle Dubas’s departure, the Maple Leafs would win their first big salad bowl since 1967 in 2024. That’s a lot to regret for our dear Kyle. The Leafs would return to the finals in 2026 without being able to defeat the Vegas Golden Knights, who would win their2nd Stanley Cup in 3 years.

It should also be noted that the Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Kraken and New York Rangers would each accumulate a Final and a Cup during this interval.

For the Habs, no final appearance is expected until their winning run in 2029. By then, Nick Suzuki will be 29, Cole Caufield 28 and Josh Anderson 35… a long way from 2029!

The question now is, how confident are you that this prediction will come true? Let’s just say we’ll have a good idea in just a few weeks if Vegas doesn’t lift the Cup.

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