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“The puck will go through Lane Hutson,” says Adam Nicholas
The more time passes, the more we begin to think that Lane Hutson might not be just another hopeful at all. The young defenseman is growing up, putting on a bit of weight and continuing to dominate at every level.

It’s not impossible that Hutson will be the mainstay of the Canadiens’ blue line, even if he was drafted late in the second round.

In a Twitch Q&A session, Canadiens Director of Hockey Development Adam Nicholas offered his observations of the young prospect, and he was effusive in his praise.

“He’s just special. He’s one with speed, acceleration and explosiveness. […] Lane is a puck distributor; the puck will go through him. He plays that role very well, and he knows how to get from one space to another and avoid checking, and he gets into zones where he’s a threat all the time.”

– Adam Nicholas

Even before he sets foot on a professional ice rink, the American is perceived as the one through whom “the puck will go”.

With his puck skills and skating fluidity, he could definitely be a highly mobile type of quarterback who can run like a pass catcher, if I may be permitted an inter-sport comparison.

If that’s what Adam Nicholas thinks, it’ll be his intention to develop him that way.

In his only development camp with the Habs, Lane Hutson emerged as the week’s biggest surprise.

Some will be (already) looking forward to his retirement from college field hockey.

In a gust

– Ja Morant doesn’t learn.

– 51 saves!

– Too bad!

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