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Matvei Michkov: His father allegedly tried to invalidate his contract in Russia

The announcement of the death of Matvei Michkov’s father caused a stir across the field hockey world. With good reason.

After all, these are very sad events for the young man in question. He’s only 18 years old, and trials like this are never easy for anyone.

At the moment, we’re doing our best to find out the details of his father’s death. Reports that he was found lifeless in a pond after leaving the family home to “run errands” have recently come to light…

And these reports were refuted by “a Russian spy” at TVA Sports. In a nutshell.

Last night, it was Martin McGuire’s turn to talk about the case… And the Habs game commentator (98.5) says it seems that “his father was trying to have his contract invalidated in Russia” :

His father’s desire would have been to send him to North America quickly […] We don’t know if the young man will be obliged to respect the contract he signed, because no one can clearly say if he really signed that contract and if it’s really 2 years, 3 years, 4 years that’s on that contract. – Martin McGuire

It’s nebulous. More than nebulous, even… And it’s hard to get to the bottom of it, for reasons we all know.

Who’s telling the truth? Who’s telling the truth? We may never know… and maybe that’s for the best.

That said, if McGuire’s allegations turn out to be true, it’s a big story. Understandably, Mishkov’s father could have incurred the wrath of Russia’s leaders by doing so, because in reality, the young man is already established as a rising star in the eyes of the country.

It makes me wonder whether this might encourage him to come to North America sooner rather than later. Then again, the situation surrounding his contract is so unclear that it’s hard to say…

That’s why the matter is so complicated in view of the upcoming draft. Speaking of the draft…

The events that unfolded with his father will not prevent Matvei from being present at the next draft. His agent mentioned it earlier this morning:

Breaking news

– Otto Leskinen leaves the CH organization.

– Very nice.

– Bravo!

– A tougher game for the kid last night.

– The question arises because it’s true that it’s a bit weird.

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