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NHL/LAH : The Canadiens among the worst

As expected, the Canadiens did not have the best season in their history. It finished 28th in the NHL and will be in the running for a (slim) chance to draft Connor Bedard.Next year could be a better season in Montreal, it remains to be seen. The Rocket, for its part, made the playoffs (incidentally, its first game is tomorrow against the Crunch), but still finished 22nd out of 32 in the AHL standings. Combined, the Habs are among the worst (27th), butat least they’re not the Ducks and San Diego Gulls, who both finished bottom of their respective leagues…

We know that Laval had a very good end to the season, and that’s what enabled them to qualify for the playoffs. Because their start to the season wasn’t exactly dazzling. It’s true that the injuries in Montreal didn’t help, but here they are with a fine line-up for the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jean-François Houle’s team went far.

As Syracuse head coach Benoit Groulx puts it, “Laval is probably the most talented team in the division”, and the team is very confident in its abilities:

The fact remains that if it weren’t for five playoff teams in the North Division, Laval wouldn’t have made the spring tournament. Unsurprisingly, the Boston Bruins and Providence dominated their respective leagues. Of course, Boston became the best team of all time in a single season, and Providence did well to finish third in the AHL. The Leafs and Stars organization rounded out the top-3 in this ranking.

In gusto

– Woll comes in as backup.

– He’ll have to prove it at the next camp.

– Nice win.

– Gatineau crushes the Huskies and leads the series 3-0.

– Certainly.

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