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Doug Armstrong has never felt so disconnected from his players

Nobody believed the Blues would dominate the NHL in 2022-2023, but few imagined they’d miss the playoffs. Not only did they miss the playoffs, but they traded away many of their veterans at the trade deadline. Vladimir Tarasenko and Ryan O’Reilly changed addresses and at one point, Colton Parayko, who just signed a huge contract, was even linked in trade rumors. In short, team GM Doug Armstrong had his work cut out for him this year. In his end-of-season review, he admitted that he felt very disconnected from his players, not least because many of them are from the new generation. An old-timer, as they say.


They’ll play 18 minutes and they’ll be happy with the 18-second sequence of their game that will be shared on YouTube and get a million “Likes”. I have to try and understand why they reason this way. It’s a good summer project for an old man like me.

Doug Armstrong

Well, at first I don’t think his comments were mean, but he dropped it on this one. I wonder if he said it just to be closer to his guys, but if so, it clearly didn’t work.

I also wonder how guys like Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou will react. The Blues’ two best strikers, aged 23 and 24 respectively, are precisely players of “this generation”. At 58, it’s normal that he doesn’t necessarily have the same mentality as certain players, but to state it publicly was perhaps not the best option. Speaking of Armstrong, he’s the GM of Team Canada at the upcoming World Hockey Championships.

In short

– Nice gesture.

– Visibly.

– Wow.

– Well done.

– I can see why.

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