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Corey Perry continues to learn about the Canadiens

Corey Perry’s time in Montreal has left a lasting impression on many. After all, it was hard not to fall in love with this warrior who has brought proud service to the Montreal Canadiens organization. There’s only one sequence I can think of to describe his time with the CH. Remember the time the Habs’ former No. 94 returned to the bench despite the fact that his face was covered in blood to celebrate a playoff victory over the Golden Knights with his teammates? Here’s what I’m talking about:

Yeah. Those images are etched in my memory and I can’t believe I’m going to forget them any time soon. All that to say, Perry had a great season in Montreal and the fans quickly fell under his spell. In fact, Renaud Lavoie explained this morning that the veteran often asks him about what’s going on in the CH organization when he gets the chance. There’s a mutual respect between him, the management and the Habs players, and this is further proof of that.

Corey Perry reminded the field hockey world that he loves playing in the playoffs. Last night, in Game 1 of the series between the Leafs and Lightning, he was undoubtedly the best player on the ice, playing the way he played during the Habs’ playoff run in the summer of 2021. He bothered the opposition by being tired all night, he brought an element of toughness to the rink, he contributed to the team’s attack with his seven shots on goal and he finished the game with a goal and two assists. Not bad, for a guy who was “finished” according to many. It’s true that the veteran had a difficult season… But if he continues to perform like this, the playoffs will open doors for him next year. Obviously, his golden years are behind him and he’s no longer the talented player he used to be. But he knows how to adapt to today’s game, and he still has the tools to be useful to an NHL team.No one is going to tell me otherwise.

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