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A beginner’s guide to Canadian sportsbooks for hockey fans
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Opening thoughts

We won’t take up your valuable time by discussing how much Canadians love ice hockey. It is their number one sport, with around a third of the population identifying as hockey fans on some level, ranging from the ardent fans who never miss a game to those who might tune in to some highlights once or twice a month to keep updated on the latest action.

However, given the explosion in the number of bettors checking out sports markets across the US and Canada, hockey fans have found a significant number of fresh markets that match their interests. As the US starts to unravel anti-gambling legislation that has been in place for generations, Canada has started to do the same on a province-by-province basis.

As these barriers begin to come down, there’s a wave of new bettors in Canada looking to bet on hockey. If you’re one of these people, we’ve covered some key points to help guide you as a beginner in the market. So, let’s have a look.


Understand the importance of review and opinion

While you certainly won’t have to travel far online to find a vocal opinion on a sports betting website, being able to differentiate between informed analysis and emotive conjecture can be a little more difficult to measure. As a beginner, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with companies like Time2play that piece together a range of reviews and important considerations before passing judgment on some betting sites Canadians should use to bet on hockey.

If any of your friends or family enjoy placing sports bets, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask them their thoughts on the sites they use. In any area, wherever there’s an influx of customers, investment and interest, there’ll be saturation of the market. The best way to cut through this noise and find companies worth the time and energy is to seek out reputable sites with a good, fair reputation for providing objective reviews or opinions from people you value.

Opinion also extends to those online who like to hand out betting tips or preview upcoming games. While it can be enjoyable to explore other people’s opinions and can help to provide a unique insight or angle that you hadn’t addressed yourself, it’s good not to get too dragged into their opinion or let it completely influence your bet. Antoine Roussel has said he wouldn’t be surprised to see the Stanley Cup in Utah in five years – well, we would be amazed. It’s important to understand that opinions are often just ideas that provoke and entice clicks online, and you shouldn’t let them influence your bet too much.

Market terminology and the basics

We imagine that if you’re a hockey fan looking to find betting markets, you’re already aware of how the sport works. You should never bet on a sport that you don’t understand. Although you can find some specific hockey betting markets that require more in-depth knowledge, the vast majority of markets will revolve around betting on which team you wish to win, goals and assists, or parlay bets where you can combine several teams on the same betting slip.

We’d say it’s a good idea to stick to these basic markets for now, including methods of victory or more straightforward outright markets, such as which team will win the Stanley Cup. You might fancy the Knights to retain the cup or another team to steal the march – either way, these are simple, beginner markets to understand.

The basics include other elements, too – such as knowing how to place a bet, deposit your cash or take advantage of any welcome bonuses or promotions that a sportsbook is offering. Betting platforms aim to make this entire process as simple as possible, as it is, after all, their bread and butter.

Importance of gambling responsibly

Any new gambler must know that it is vital to practice responsible gambling. The two main variables of this are ensuring you set up time and deposit limits. These can vary from person to person, depending on your income and how much time you have on your hands.

However, regardless of where you fall on this scale, you should never view gambling as a source of income, nor should you be gambling with money you can’t afford to lose. If you find yourself in this position, obsessing over bets or lashing out at friends or family because of a mood that has been triggered as a result of gambling, it means your gambling is out of control, and you must seek out assistance from somebody who can help you.

Understanding this as a beginner is vital and will help you to gamble in the true spirit without getting dragged into problem gambling, which can cause untold trouble for those it impacts.


We’d say the key things to remember are responsible gambling, market terminology and the basics of sports betting. This includes knowing how to sign up for a platform, deposit your cash and place your wager. While there are other smaller nuances to consider, such as the depth of the hockey betting market or some of the more specific terms and conditions included in promotions and bonuses, for now, stick to the basics.

Once you’re equipped to handle these basics and navigate some of the most common activities on sports betting platforms, such as cashing out or putting together a bet with multiple selections, then you’ve pretty much grasped the beginner’s guide to hockey betting.

As more Canadians seek out betting platforms to supplement their viewing, and with millions of potential new customers looking to enter the Canadian hockey betting market over the next few years, knowledge and awareness are the foundation of any solid strategy.

Luckily, plenty of resources are available online, and sports betting platforms are more than happy to assist you with some of the basics or provide additional services if you begin to exhibit signs of problem gambling. Keep it light and according to your budget, and make sure you bet within your time limits. If you follow these guidelines and ensure you grasp the basics of placing a bet, you should be good to go.

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