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Matvei Michkov: Bob Hartley says things could get moving in August
Credit: Photo by Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In mid-May, rumors from Russia suggested that Matvei Michkov would be making the jump to North America for next season. The Flyers wouldn’t confirm it… because they found out at the same time as everyone else.

It was quite a strange situation.

Nearly three weeks later, however, there have been no developments in the matter. The Flyers don’t know where they stand, while the player isn’t talking too much about it.

It may be a backroom game… but everyone’s walking on eggshells.

This afternoon, Bob Hartley took advantage of his appearance on BPM Sports to talk a little about the file, and even though he says he’s not here to give scoops, he did make a few calls, and according to the people he spoke to, things may not get moving until August.

Hartley also talked a bit about the steps Michkov would have to overcome in order to come to America as early as next year. In fact, he noted that much like what was circulating, it’s the player who has to pay to get out of his contract,

More precisely, he has to pay 2/3 of the amount remaining on his contract. It can’t be a long-term thing: it has to be a one-off payment.

Back when he was in Russia, Hartley had this clause removed from his contract (to protect himself in case of an emergency), but he notes that players don’t really get the chance to do the same. In Michkov’s case, then, we can assume that this is his situation.

Remember that it’s almost impossible to know how much he has to pay, since salaries are not public in the KHL.

We’ll see how the file evolves over the summer, but if Hartley is to be believed, the Flyers could be in the doldrums for another two months on the Michkov file.

No, it’s not ideal.

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