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Ivan Demidov: the Canadian will meet him in Florida
Credit: Getty Images
Two of the most popular names for the Canadiens in the upcoming draft are Cayden Lindstrom and Ivan Demidov.

Both guys aren’t Macklin Celebrini and aren’t perfect candidates, but they’re still big hockey players who can be game-changers for their next team.

They’re possibly two of the three best forwards available.

However, in both cases, there are questions that need to be asked on the part of the Habs. Lindstrom’s injuries and the uncertainty surrounding Demidov’s Russian factor, which is hard to see/contact, are at the heart of the questioning.

For Lindstrom, it’s pretty simple: he’s at the NHL combine in Buffalo. He’ll be able to answer the Habs’ questions.

But Demidov isn’t there. Like many Russians, he’s not in Buffalo right now. Instead, he’s in Florida recovering from an injury that shouldn’t leave any marks.

But now we learn, via Arpon Basu (at BPM Sports) and Kevin Dubé (on Twitter) that Demidov will be in a position to talk to NHL teams next month in Florida.

In reality, several of agent Dan Miltsein’s Russian clients will be available.

It’s logical to assume that the talented Demidov will be able to find a way to talk to the teams. He’s in North America during draft month and wants to play in the NHL as early as 2025: he had to be made available.

The Habs can talk to him about his injuries, his vision, his goals and ask him about his style of play. They’ll also be able to grill him, as they like to do with prospects.

That’s the Habs’ recipe…

In bursts

– Good answer.

– It’s the “I see myself with him” festival right now.

– Ayoye.

– Voting has begun.

– The #11 pick on the market?

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