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Finale: Ticket prices for game #3 in Edmonton are enormous
Credit: Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images
The wait is almost over.

Saturday sees the start of the Stanley Cup Final. The Oilers and Panthers will battle for the big trophy, with the first game to be played in Florida.

I’m expecting a great series… Even if, in my eyes, the Panthers have the edge against McDavid and his gang. #MoreCompleteTeam

What does the price of tickets for the series look like?

It’s simple: in Edmonton, it’s pretty expensive .

For Game 3 (the first game to be played in Alberta during the series), we’re talking about a price of over $1,000 per ticket.

That’s a lot of money.

Of course, we couldn’t expect the tickets to be cheap either.

But when you look at the difference in ticket prices between Edmonton (game #3) and Florida (game #1)…

You can see just how big a gap there is :

(Credit: Screenshot (StubHub)
(Credit: Screenshot, Ticketmaster)

Tickets for the first game of the series in Florida are selling for around $375 – $400 on Ticketmaster.

In Edmonton, the cheapest ticket for Game 3 of the series on StubHub goes for nearly $1400.

To put it another way, fans wishing to travel to Alberta to see an Oilers game will have to break their piggy bank to afford to attend the event.

But the same can’t be said for fans who want to go to Florida.

I really wonder what the prices would be like if the Habs were in the final instead of the Panthers…

In gusts

– Absolutely.

– He’s one of Toronto’s most important pieces.

– Jean Pascal returns to the ring!

– Logical.

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