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David Pastrnak wants Leon Draisaitl in Boston
Credit: Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images
A month ago, Georges Laraque revealed a big piece of information.

The NHL veteran told radio (BPM Sports) that Leon Draisaitl would like to play for the Bruins, and there have been other rumors about the German in recent weeks.

For example? The scenario of Draisaitl playing for San Jose has also been discussed recently.

It came up on a recent episode of Spittin Chiclets… because David Pastrnak was one of Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney’s guests.

The show ‘s hosts asked the Bruins player if he likes the idea of Draisaitl ending up in Boston…

And Pasta didn ‘t hesitate before answering the question:

I’d love Draisaitl! – David Pastrnak

TVA Sports also wrote an article on the subject:

Pastrnak plays wing…

Draisaitl plays center…

The Czech would love to be able to count on Draisaitl to score more goals and be one of the NHL’s most potent duos.

Just imagine the scenario: Pastrnak, who scores endless goals and can distribute the puck, paired with a guy with a similar style in Leon Draisaitl…

It would be magical, honestly.

The Bruins would come in and fill their need at center, because right now it’s Charlie Coyle who fills that role in Boston. Matthew Poitras is young and will continue to improve, but everyone will agree that he will never have the talent and impact that Draisaitl can have on a hockey team.

Leon Draisaitl’s contract expires next summer and he’ll be as free as a bird.

Ken Holland therefore has a very, very important choice to make.

Does he keep Draisaitl in town to try and win the Cup next year, with the risk of losing him for nothing next summer if he can’t re-sign him?

Does Holland trade Draisaitl this summer, to maximize his value and make sure they get (at least) something in return for his services?

It’s a nice problem to have…

Breaking news

– Whew.

– Still.

– He does well.

– The Celtics are going to be even stronger!

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