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Name of the new team in Salt Lake City: “We’re down to four finalists”.
Credit: Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

We’re still waiting to hear the name of the new outfit in Salt Lake City.

The former Coyotes are slow to unveil their new identity…

But the owner of the (new) club, Ryan Smith, shared some details today.

Smith was on Pat McAfee’s show and confided that there are only four names left in the running for the new team.

It goes like this:

We’re down to four finalists… There’s Mammoth, I think, Yeti too… It should be good! – Ryan Smith

Of course, Smith didn’t want to reveal the other two names to protect himself and keep the suspense alive :

I like the name “Yeti”.

But for me, I’m mostly looking forward to seeing what the new lineup’s colors will look like.

What’s exciting for fans out there is that the team will have a lot of money this summer to improve the lineup on the ice.

Team GM Bill Armstrong will have around $40 million to spend on new players…

And he says he’s ready to be active on the trade AND free agent markets.

However, Armstrong and the management want to think about the club’s future first, as the GM told Pierre LeBrun:

Our big theme is to relentlessly improve our team without sacrificing the future. – Bill Armstrong

It’s a new beginning for the former Coyotes organization, and the buzz is on in Salt Lake City.

This is probably the best news that could happen for the NHL… Because there, the league won’t have to worry about a club that attracts problems as was the case in Arizona.

At least, I think it’s refreshing for everyone.

In gusts

– This is going to be good!

– He’s dominant.

– Good text from Marc Antoine Godin.

– That’s where it’s at!

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