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Reinbacher + the 5th and 26th picks for Brady Tkachuk: Gilbert Delorme wouldn’t hesitate
Credit: Photo by Chris Tanouye/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images
Every NHL club hates playing against Brady Tkachuk.

That said…

Every NHL club would love to have Brady Tkachuk in their line-up. We’re talking about a hard-hitting player who can do it all on the ice, and for what it’s worth, the Sens captain’s name has never been mentioned as much in trade rumors as it is right now.

The Senators need a fresh start (again), and that could come in the form of Tkachuk being traded elsewhere, even though he still has four years left on his current contract.

The subject came up on the morning show on BPM Sports… And just for fun, Max Lalonde created a proposal that would bring Tkachuk to the Habs.

It goes something like this:

  • David Reinbacher, Ottawa’s 5th and 26th picks in the upcoming draft.
  • Brady Tkachuk in Montreal

So Max Lalonde asked his colleagues if they’d be willing to make a deal like this, and Gilbert Delorme replied quite convincingly:

He’s a player who will make your club better instantly. He’s 24 years old… You can’t pass that up! – Gilbert Delorme

To me, it’s impossible to disagree with Gilbert Delorme.

First, because the Habs are full of good defensemen (even if Reinbacher is right-handed)…

And secondly, because Brady Tkachuk players aren’t a dime a dozen.

Of course, the idea is also interesting because Kent Hughes wants to bulk up his attack, and Tkachuk is a big guy. What’s more, at 24, Matthew’s little brother would fill a long-term position in Montreal, and that would fit in with the end of the rebuild, which seems to be fast approaching.

That said, David Reinbacher is destined for a bright future in the NHL… But Tkachuk is already an impact player and everyone knows what he can bring to a team on the ice.

At least, Habs fans know him very well, because he’s always at the heart of the Senators’ successes against the Habs.

I’m literally going to fall off my chair if this scenario happens, since it’s unlikely that the Sens will trade their captain to a division rival… But just thinking about it, I’m salivating at the idea of seeing Brady Tkachuk hit everything that moves in the Tricolore uniform.

It would be quite a spectacle, at least.

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