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Owen Beck named to 3rd OHL All-Star Team
Credit: Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images
Owen Beck had a fine season in junior.

He did what he had to do defensively…

And he still managed 81 points in 57 regular-season games, which is no mean feat.

Could he have been even more dominant offensively, given that this was his last season in the OHL?

Perhaps, yes. But beyond the points, it’s his reliability and the fact that he’s responsible in all three zones of the ice that make him an interesting prospect nonetheless.

Beck’s season hasn’t gone unnoticed, by the way.

I say that because the OHL GMs named him to the league’s Third All-Star Team:

Recently, Simon Boisvert said that seeing Owen Beck on a third line in the NHL is a “very, very, very” optimistic projection.

The Snake would have liked to see more from the right-handed center… Even though Beck had a good 23-24 season.

When Beck was drafted by the Habs, it was said that his style of play was a bit like Phillip Danault’s. That said… Beck’s last season was a great success.

That said… Danault’s last season in the QMJHL (2012-2013) was a lot like Beck’s this year:

  • 85 points collected (with the Tigres and Wildcats) in 56 games played.
Today, Danault is considered one of the best two-way centers in the National League.

What I mean by that is that you can’t base your assessment of a guy’s potential solely on his production in junior.

I’m not suggesting that Owen Beck will be the Canadiens’ first center in four or five years… But you get my point.

We’ll have a better idea of his (true) potential next year, because Beck will be making the jump to the pros.

And that’s when we can start worrying (or not) about his future in the NHL.

Because right now… I guess you could say he’s done what he had to do during his junior career.

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