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The Habs’ priority this summer will be to find a replacement for Kirby Dach
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In the coming weeks, Kent Hughes will be a busy man.

Of course, the draft is just around the corner…

But we know that the Habs GM will be active on the trade market, because he wants to add natural talent to his lineup for the upcoming campaign.

With the first line running at an excellent pace in the second half of last season, this makes the Montreal GM’s task a little easier.

The goal now will be to build a second line that is as dominant as the first…

And that’s why, in the eyes of Brian Wilde on TSN 690 this morning, Kent Hughes’ priority this summer will be to find a complement for Kirby Dach.

Wilde maintains that we need to surround him in the best possible way, because we know what a talented guy Dach is :

This fits with what David Pagnotta said last week.

The tipster said in a text that there are teams right now being told by Kent Hughes that the Tricolore aren’t looking for center help.

Kirby Dach isn’t necessarily a fast player… But he’s capable of using his body to protect the puck and create chances in the offensive zone.

That said, I’d like to see Kent Hughes add some speed on the second line, because that’s where it could become dangerous for opposing formations.

Because if Dach is able to be responsible at center with two players skating fast on the wings… The combination would be quite interesting.

This is also where the addition of a guy with a profile like Martin Necas, who has a good skating stroke, could make sense.

It just seems to fit:

  • Slafkovsky – Suzuki – Caufield
  • Newhook – Dach – Necas

Newhook, who is a fast player, has shown that he can be a 25-30 goal scorer in the National League, he’s fast… And he could use the vision of Dach AND Necas to have a bit of fun.

But whether it’s Necas or any other player, Brian Wilde is right.

Kent Hughes needs to find a way to complement Kirby Dach, because the Habs need to maximize the big right-hander’s potential.

And adding a talented player is the way to do it.

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