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Cayden Lindstrom: Simon Boisvert hesitates to believe he can become a #1 center
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Cayden Lindstrom is one of the top prospects for the upcoming NHL draft.

That said, it’s easy to salivate at the thought of the Habs drafting him.

After all, we’re talking about a big center at 6’3′ and 210 pounds… And having seen him score 27 goals in 32 games this season in junior, it’s still interesting.

The Habs organization likes him, but Lindstrom may no longer be available when they step up to the podium to announce their pick with the 5th selection of the draft.

Even so, there are concerns when we talk about him… Because he was injured for much of the last campaign.

Simon Boisvert spoke to Tony Marinaro (Sick Podcast) about him, and he seems to be a little reticent about his true potential.

I say that because the Snake isn’t sure that Lindstrom can establish himself as a top center in the National League:

Simon Boisvert, on the other hand, has a gut feeling… And he believes Lindstrom will be the Habs’ choice if he’s still around at No. 5.

Because deep down, Lindstrom has the qualities (and the size) to become a dominant player in the National League.

He hits, he has skills, he scores goals and he’s still responsible on the ice. This fits in with the Habs’ needs, as they look to add natural talent and grow the club for the next few years.

Craig Button was also on the Sick Podcast, and for him, it’s Konsta Helenius who has the tools to become a number-one NHL center.

Helenius isn’t talked about much and seems to be flying under the radar…

But maybe we should give him more attention, because this season, the right-hander collected 36 points (14 goals) in his second full season in Finland’s top league:

It’s interesting because the experts have different opinions about all the prospects.

That said, Craig Button has never been afraid to get his feet wet… And that’s why he’s been wrong a few times in recent years.

The draft is just over a month away, and things can change quickly between now and then.

We know that the Habs will have the chance to get their hands on an excellent player at No. 5… But at the time of writing, it’s virtually impossible to determine who the Tricolore’s pick will be.

That’s why this time of year is so exciting for hockey fans.

In a gust

– They’ve got to get up.

– To be continued.

– Who will win?

– At least!

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